New QR Code Linked To Bray Wyatt On WWE Raw

All signs point to Bray Wyatt appearing on "WWE SmackDown" later this week.

Fans watching the 10/10 season premiere of "WWE Raw" must have noticed a WWE crew member sporting a QR code on the back of his shirt during a backstage segment featuring The Miz and Maryse


Upon scanning the code, fans were directed to a video showing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together to form Wyatt's new moth/butterfly logo. With an instrumental version of "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" playing in the background, the letters 'JNV' also popped up on the screen, which could be code for 10/14/22, the date of Friday's "SmackDown" in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Wyatt 6 logo was also the last visual fans saw after Wyatt's return at Extreme Rules this past Saturday night. Many fans believe the logo could be a sign of Wyatt forming his Wyatt 6 stable, which has been previously teased on social media. As noted earlier, the Wyatt logo is also the theme of new merchandise released following his WWE comeback.  


With Wyatt not physically appearing on "WWE Raw" this week, it's possible that he will be assigned to the blue brand going forward. However, a lot of Superstars have been appearing on both brands since Triple H took charge as WWE's Chief Content Officer, so it's too early to speculate if Wyatt's appearances would be confined to just one show a week.

UPDATE: It was confirmed later on this week's "Raw" that Wyatt will indeed be appearing on "SmackDown" this Friday. The announcement came shortly after a Wyatt could be heard saying "Revel in what you are" through a cryptic video message.