Jimmy Smith Takes Issue With Being Called A Commentator In WWE

Jimmy Smith's brief tenure with WWE came to an end earlier this week when the former "Raw" play-by-play man was let go as the company shook up its broadcast teams. While Smith is grateful for his time in WWE, there's one thing he appears to be looking forward to doing again now that he's out.

Smith revealed just what that was during the latest episode of "MMA on SiriusXM."

"First off, let me explain that I wasn't a commentator in the WWE," Smith said. "I was not. I played a commentator on television. And that's not an insult. I'm not saying it wasn't difficult or not, it was very difficult. But it's like, you're a character pretending to commentate fake fights ... And I had a mailbag question ... about, 'Man, you're always staring at the screen.' I was like, 'Yeah because you're not supposed to acknowledge anything that's not on the screen. Anything the fans can't see, I don't see.'

"Yeah, I see Finn Balor running into the ring with a chair. I'm not blind. But I'm not supposed to acknowledge it, because they shoot around it until he hits Edge over the head with a chair. So I'm not supposed to see it until the audience sees it. So I'm like, blinding myself, literally. I have blinders on. I just watch the stream. I'm not telling you what's really happening, I'm not telling you what you're not seeing, which is kind of the fun part of doing commentary. It's having that in-depth analysis, that you're not really able to do, or that vision that you're really not able to have in WWE."

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