Part Of CM Punk's Presentation Makes No Sense To Road Dogg

When the opening to "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour played for the first time on "AEW Rampage" in August 2021, wrestling fans immediately knew they were getting the return of a fan favorite who had kissed goodbye to the wrestling business years earlier, CM Punk. His highly anticipated comeback was met with a universally positive reaction mixed with shock. Many also wondered how AEW owner Tony Khan got the rights to Punk's epic theme music.

The song that cultivates a feeling in wrestling fans live and watching from home first debuted in 2011 when Punk was feuding with John Cena over the WWE Championship. Punk has said that he went out of his way to get WWE to spend the money to purchase the rights, which wasn't cheap given the song's popularity.

Although the song has become a classic expectation for wrestling fans any time Punk comes out for a match or segment, there is someone who believes AEW made a mistake in paying for the music, stating that Punk didn't need it to stand out during his return. Keep in mind, the person critical of the move is also someone who has been openly negative towards "The Best in the World."

"Buying Cult of Personality for CM Punk makes zero sense to me," Brian James aka Road Dogg said during the latest episode of his podcast "Oh... You Didn't Know?" "Yes that was his theme song for a minute, but why? [Whatever song they would've picked for his return] would've been fine, it would've been CM Punk's new song and they could've found one in a music library that was close enough to where we can either copy this, rip it off a little bit, change it a little bit and own it, or we can just use that one, pay the library costs.

"I don't know, I don't think the Cult of Personality defines him in my mind or not. I don't know if I'm just bringing that up because I'm negative about him all the time."

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