Cameron Grimes Picks Partners From WWE Main Roster For Match On 10/18 NXT

Cameron Grimes has found tag team partners in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ahead of his six-man tag team match with The Schism Tuesday night on "WWE NXT." In a backstage segment during Monday night's "Raw", Grimes approached The O.C. with a proposition.

"See, I've been having a problem with these Schism brothers in 'NXT' and I could really use some help," Grimes said. "I'm here to see if you boys want to be my tag team partners tomorrow night!"

"I don't know if you know this, but we are cash-only, brother-friendly," Gallows replied. "If you need a couple of partners on 'NXT,' then we're your guys."

Grimes celebrated before walking off as The O.C. playfully bickered amongst themselves about cryptocurrency.

Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, Jagger Reid, and a mysterious person in a red hoodie have appealed to Grimes' lone wolf status over the past few weeks in an effort to get him to join their group. Grimes has repeatedly declined their offer to do so and The Schism has now vowed to do everything in its power to exact revenge.

Gallows and Anderson shook the professional wrestling world when they made their unexpected return to WWE last week to provide backup to A.J. Styles and help him take down The Judgment Day after weeks of trying to get him to join the group. Anderson and Gallows' last run in WWE began in 2016 when they debuted on the main roster to attack The Usos. Anderson and Gallows were released by WWE in 2020 with the company explaining that the move was due to budget cuts.