Triple H Gives Insight Into WWE's 'The White Rabbit Project'

Bray Wyatt returned triumphantly at WWE Extreme Rules, after weeks of exciting Easter eggs pointed in his direction. In the lead-up to that iconic appearance, WWE television was home to several teases of a suspicious new superstar, "The White Rabbit," with several QR codes used to help engage fans in solving the epic mystery. With all signs pointing to the reveal at the WWE premium live event, the show garnered a ton of interest for the company, breaking all previously set records for Extreme Rules, which traces its history back to 2009. The man responsible for these incredible changes to the WWE has been Triple H, who took over as Chief Content Officer after his father-in-law Vince McMahon abruptly retired from his position.

During a recent interview with "The Wrap," Triple H revealed that the company started "The White Rabbit Project" with the intent to "lead our audience down this literal rabbit hole of content to help build anticipation" for Extreme Rules, where Wyatt returned. "We asked ourselves how we could bring back Bray Wyatt in the most engaging way possible," Triple H said. "It started with flickering lights in arenas and continued with the release of other Easter eggs. Like hidden QR codes within episodes of 'SmackDown' and 'Raw' that led viewers to more clues that kept them guessing, and tuning in, each week. It culminated in what we believe was a massive pay-off for our fans — and for WWE."

Since Wyatt's return, however, the QR codes and Easter eggs have not gone away, with Wyatt's first appearance on "SmackDown" leaving more questions than answers after a new, seemingly gracious Wyatt was interrupted by a more sinister masked side of the "Eater of Worlds." The former Universal Champion poured his heart out in a passionate promo to close the show, with a mysterious "White Rabbit" appearing to cut him off, closing the show with the same symbol that closed WWE Extreme Rules.