Kane Feels Bret Hart Wasn't Appreciated In One Way

When it comes to Bret Hart, it's difficult to find anyone who dismisses the qualities he possessed in the ring — the catchphrase "The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be" exists for a reason, and modern-day wrestlers are still paying homage to "The Hitman" to this day. And yet, sometimes a person being so good at one aspect of their job can overshadow another aspect in which they're arguably just as good. That's where Glenn Jacobs, popularly known as WWE's Kane, comes in. On the latest episode of "Table For 3," alongside Hart and Jerry Lawler, the WWE Hall of Famer praised one aspect of Hart's game that he feels is often overlooked.


"I always felt about you that you were never the flashiest guy," Kane told Hart. "You were the workman that went out and got the job done. But I also think that you're very underrated as an entertainer."

Throughout his career, Hart has always emphasized the wrestling aspect of his job. That's how he wants to be remembered, and it's why he's happy to be a "home guy now." That isn't going to stop someone like "The Big Red Machine" giving praise where he feels it's due, however.

"I think a lot of that [is] just because of the character you portrayed," Kane continued. "But then you saw what you did with Jerry in the 'Kiss My Foot' match and the other stuff, I just have always thought that you were a great wrestler who wasn't appreciated enough for being a great entertainer, as well."