DDP Points Out Highly Dangerous Move From WWE Extreme Rules

WWE's last premium live event, Extreme Rules, saw Matt Riddle and Seth "Freakin'" Rollins face each other in a Fight Pit match officiated by former UFC fighter Daniel Cormier. On the night, "The Original Bro" came out on top by forcing Rollins to submit, but WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was keen to point out a high-risk move that could have gone completely wrong during the bout. 

"I did not see Riddle coming and doing what, to me, I'll call a coffin drop [on his back from the top of Fight Pit structure]," Page said on the "DDP Snake Pit" podcast. "God, what a dangerous bump. What a dangerous bump. And man, on both sides, to take the trust because if he's just four inches less and his a** lands on his gut ... It's like the top athletes in this business have a sense of skill and luck, and I mean all around."

Page, who was flying solo on this week's podcast due to the absence of Jake " The Snake" Roberts, went on to compare the spot to the jaw-dropping Diamond Cutter that Sammy Guevara delivered to Cody Rhodes from a ladder during their AEW TNT Championship unification at "AEW Dynamite: Beach Break" on January 26. Page understood that, just like Guevara, Riddle had no fear in performing his high-risk move from the top of the Fight Pit structure. 

"He absorbs so much of that [move] on his glutes and his spine," Page added. "Seth felt a lot of it too, but Matt took a lot of that. What great athletes."

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