Kurt Angle Shoots On CM Punk's AEW All Out Media Scrum Rant

The controversy surrounding the All Out 2022 press conference continues to be a topic of discussion over a month and a half after it happened on September 4. With the most recent reports saying that CM Punk could be gone from AEW entirely following the chaos, many are looking back on the former AEW World Champion's tirade that likely cost him his job.

Legendary pro wrestler Kurt Angle recently made his thoughts on the situation known on a Q&A episode of "The Kurt Angle Show". "Vince would've lost his s***," Angle said in response to the question of what Vince McMahon's reaction would have been if he were in Tony Khan's position as Punk aired his grievances.

Angle remained neutral on the situation, giving Punk the benefit of the doubt as much as he could while still acknowledging that the Chicago native's behavior was incorrect. "I don't know CM Punk enough to say what kind of person he is... I'd be willing to just say he's a good guy," Angle explains, "but what he did at that press conference was inexcusable."

Continuing, Angle made sure to preface that he doesn't think Punk was incorrect in his anger but still believes that his outburst was out of hand. "It's tough because I understand why he was upset... but the way he acted at the press conference, I don't think was very professional."

Kurt and his cohost briefly speculated on how things will work out between Punk and AEW, with Kurt being under the assumption that a lawsuit could be on the horizon due to Punk's legal history with the WWE.