DDP Calls Top WWE Star A 'Creative Cat' Who Can't Be Held Down

Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE at Extreme Rules after being released from the company in 2021. Wyatt's return closed out the show and had Firefly Fun House characters spread throughout the arena, with spotlights hitting them at different times before Wyatt walked through a door on the ramp-way that showed a bright blue light. Many wrestlers and fans had thoughts and opinions on Wyatt's return to WWE, including WWE Hall of Famer DDP.

"I just loved the way they teased it all the way through," DDP said while on "DDP Snake Pit." "He is one of those creative cats who you got to hold them down, meaning Bray ... He's got all these crazy ideas and bottom line is, that's some really good s**t man. Like, what they, how they went to the crowd and showed the different little characters from his [Fun House], really cool. The lights are all out there and then you think you're not going to see it and boom, the door opens."

DDP discussed Wyatt being a heel or face moving forward in WWE, and how his blending of good and evil mirrors a certain WWE Hall of Famer. "I always thought Bray should've beat Taker and he becomes the next Taker," DDP continued. "How they handled Bray was really good in the beginning before, but then it sort of lost and got a little tarnished and then they brought him back with that new style of character, and I thought, 'Okay, where is he going with this,' and it just went and fizzled out and they let him go and I was like, 'Oh my God, how soon before Tony goes to pick him up' ... My question is, that character, how do you make him a heel? ... Maybe they listen to the crowd and they keep him the babyface."