Freddie Prinze Jr. Won't Be Watching Top WWE Crown Jewel Match

As both a life-long wrestling fan and someone who worked in the business as a writer, Freddie Prinze Jr. often finds a lot to be excited about when it comes to wrestling. But there's one WWE match that Prinze Jr., perhaps surprisingly, isn't all that bullish on.

In the latest episode of "Wrestling With Freddie," Prinze Jr. revealed that his excitement was minimal for the upcoming Undisputed WWE Universal Title match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul. He went on to criticize a recent angle between the two on "WWE SmackDown", one that left him completely uninterested in the Crown Jewel main event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

"I'm not going to watch the match," Prinze Jr. said. "Even though I like [Logan], he's done well. But this is not good booking, this is just promotional booking to get YouTube fans to watch pro wrestling."

One thing Paul has benefitted from is his proximity to arguably WWE's hottest storyline, which involves Sami Zayn's recent induction into The Bloodline — which otherwise consists entirely of members of the legendary Anoa'i family — and Zayn's tumultuous relationship with fellow Bloodline member Jey Uso. But even with Zayn and Uso involved, Prinze Jr. doesn't agree with the creative direction.

"I like the Sami Zayn part, I like the Jey Uso part," he said. "But I think they should've left Logan there, jacked up and beat down, and then maybe give him a moment against Sami on the next show. Because Sami can take L's and still look great, whereas when you do that to Jey, it just makes him look bad, and Jey shouldn't look bad. Jey should look gangster as hell, as street as hell, and tough as nails. I hated it. There was nothing good about it, and I don't think anybody got over in the segment at all."

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