Arn Anderson Explains Why He Hated WWE Producer Role

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson has been in the wrestling business for over 40 years and was a key member in a legendary faction, The Four Horsemen. Following his memorable in-ring career, Anderson landed himself a job backstage in WWE as a producer until 2019. In 2019, Anderson found himself released from the company due to allegedly allowing former WWE star Alicia Fox to compete on a live event while intoxicated. This may not have been as big a blow to Anderson as some would expect. Anderson explained why he hated being a producer within WWE.

"If you want the truth, I hated that job," Anderson said while on his "ARN" podcast. "I hated being in charge of matches that I had no power, you know, or authority. So, I was responsible for the end result. If the story that was told or the physicality was not good, finish wasn't good, whatever, Vince chewed my ass out. Okay, so, but the problem with that was, that's okay if you're going to give me full reign to do what I want to do."

Anderson continued. "It's not fair to have all the responsibility for a segment and no authority to do what you know is right," he said. "So, I did not enjoy that job." Following his release from WWE, Anderson began working with AEW, WWE's biggest competition since WCW. In AEW, Anderson worked as the coach to Cody Rhodes prior to Rhodes leaving the company in January and making his way back over to WWE. Anderson has since been seen managing Lee Johnson and Arn's son, Brock Anderson, however, neither man wrestles on "Dynamite" or "Rampage" very often.

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