Logan Paul Says Floyd Mayweather Used This Advanced Move Against Him

Logan Paul believes he can learn a thing or two from Roman Reigns, just as he did from Floyd Mayweather Jr. Back in June 2021, Paul and Mayweather had an exhibition boxing match in Miami Gardens, Florida, which went eight rounds with no winner determined.

During an interview with Verge Magazine, Paul said that one savvy trick Mayweather pulled off in the fight has stuck with him.

"I love knowledge, and when I take on the G.O.A.T's it's an opportunity for a masterclass for me," Paul said. "When I fought Floyd Mayweather, I wasn't just fighting Floyd Mayweather, I was paying attention to every single nuanced movement that he did. One time I was by the ropes and he had me under his arm, dude covered my mouth with his glove and stopped my breathing for, like, two breaths. An advanced move that only Floyd Mayweather would know because he has been boxing for 40 years. I'm positive Roman's going to have some stuff up his sleeve and I'm going to be paying attention to all of it and use it and put it in my arsenal for when I become the WWE Champion."

Paul will face Reigns at Crown Jewel for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship November 5 in Saudi Arabia. WWE has been playing up the story that Paul could potentially land one punch to dethrone Reigns. He was able to land that punch on one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, Jey Uso, during the October 21 episode of "WWE SmackDown."