Arn Anderson Addresses Whether He'd Accept AEW Office Job

Arn Anderson and his son Brock haveĀ been in limbo with All Elite Westling since Cody Rhodes decided to return to WWE, spending their time training and preparing Brock for his career but doing so by barely being seen on television, and taking independent bookings. Given that the former "Four Horsemen" member is in that spot, Anderson was asked during a recent episode of his podcast "ARN" whether or not he'd like to take an office job with AEW, working in talent relations or somewhere else.

"No I don't want to be responsible for anything that's outside of my control," Anderson said. "I can help Brock, I can help teach him what to do, what not to do within reason. I don't want him to be a clone of what I think wrestling should be, I want him to figure that out. Here's the thing, don't have me have to be responsible for something and not give me any power. That's not fair. If you give me the power to run the whole shooting match, good, because then if we fail, I fail, the talent failed.

"I don't want to be in that position any further, I just want any time that's left for me until nobody wants to see me hanging around anymore, I just want to spend it just enjoying the business, enjoying AEW, enjoying these wrestling events. I just want to do all the things telling fans to thank you in person for supporting us all this time and enjoying the fruits of 40 years in the business."

This comes due to news of issues within the company backstage, with several altercations and scuffles between talent. Anderson worked for the WWE as a producer for 19 years before being let go in 2019, mainly working with John Cena during the rise of his superstardom.