Brian Gewirtz Confirms Unofficial Creative Input With WWE

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz has certainly been staying busy since moving on from the company back in 2015. In addition to recently releasing a book on his time in wrestling, Gewirtz has served as a producing partner with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, including for the popular NBC television series "Young Rock" as well as the ongoing "Tales from the Territories" for VICE. While promoting "Tales from the Territories" on the "Under the Ring" podcast, Gewirtz shared some brief thoughts on the current product and revealed that he still offers suggestions to the creative team from time to time.


"There's plenty of times I'm watching, like 'Ah, I would've done that [instead],'" Gewirtz said. "You know, I even texted [WWE Vice President of Creative Writing] Ed Koskey at one point after a match and said 'You know what? Next time, what if you did this, that, and the other thing?'"

The former head writer also spoke about what it's like to be backstage watching the show now that he no longer works for WWE. "It's so easy [to watch from backstage] because I don't have to do anything," Gewirtz stated. "After [high school], as college freshmen sometimes do, they go back to high school and visit their old teachers, and say hello and walk around. You know, it's like the pressure's off because you're not expected to do any work. You're just there to enjoy it."


Gewirtz has previously left the door open on a return to writing for professional wrestling while noting that it was likely a longshot that it would ever come to pass. During his lengthy tenure with WWE, Gewirtz had been a favorite of stars like Edge, Kurt Angle, and especially The Rock; he also became known as the go-to writer for Johnson for all his wrestling appearances.