WWE Hall Of Famer Attacks Darby Allin In Shocking AEW Debut

Over the past couple of weeks, All Elite Wrestling stars Darby Allin and Jay Lethal have been going back and forth. After Allin defeated Lethal on the "Dynamite" three-year anniversary show, and Lethal crushed Allin with a solid steel garage door last week, the two met once more in the ring on Wednesday's edition of "Dynamite." However, unlike the first time they met, Lethal would get the win over Allin. But he wouldn't do it alone, as a fake Sting, who turned out to be Cole Karter in disguise, attacked Allin. This wouldn't be the end of the night for Allin however, as a wrestling legend turned AEW into his world.

As the real Sting's music filled the arena, Allin and the fans in attendance anticipated his arrival. Instead of Sting, however, Allin was blindsided from behind with a guitar to the head from none other than WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett. After attacking Allin with a guitar he proclaimed, "Darby Allin, you just got a lesson, from the last outlaw." Jarrett made it clear that Allin's longtime ally Sting is his greatest weakness, before sending a message to everyone in AEW.

Jarrett's association with Lethal goes all the way back to their days in TNA and Impact Wrestling. They recently reconnected as the two joined forces to take on the team of Ric Flair and Andrade El Idolo back in July. Jarrett's history and rivalry with Allin's friend and mentor Sting go back even further, to their days in the NWA, WCW, and TNA. With all this lined up already for Jarrett in AEW, he looks to continue to leave his mark on the wrestling world, because Jarrett is now All Elite.