Insight Into Whether Tyler Breeze Will Ever Wrestle Again

Former WWE star Tyler Breeze has been somewhat in the news lately, largely related to teases regarding the return of Da Party, the video game group consisting of Breeze and AEW and WWE wrestlers Adam Cole, Claudio Castagnoli, and Xavier Woods. All is quiet on the "return to the ring" front, however, as Breeze has yet to wrestle a match since his WWE release in June 2021.


Breeze remains part of the wrestling business for the time being, running a wrestling school with long time friend and AEW star Shawn Spears. In an appearance on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," Spears talked about the possibility of Breeze wrestling again, though he also revealed that Breeze, by and large, considers his in-ring career to be over.

"He still works out, he's still in shape," Spears said. "There will be times we'll hop in the ring and have 20, 25 minutes. We just did that a couple of weeks ago with the Gunns, just at the school to get some cardio in. He can still go, he still does everything. But I say to him, 'Hey man, getting ready for a second run?' He goes 'Nah, [I'm] retired.' So I don't know. That's the true answer. But I see the excitement sometimes when he hops in."


Shawn Spears Hopes Tyler Breeze Isn't Done With Wrestling

Despite his now year-long absence from in-ring action, Breeze remains a popular figure among fans. He's best remembered for his runs in "WWE NXT" and his tag team with fellow former WWE star Fandango — under the name Breezango, the duo created the popular Fashion Files series, and even briefly held the "NXT" Tag Team Championships in 2020. Despite the fact that his career never reached the heights many believed it deserved, Breeze has previously confirmed that he's in no rush to get back into wrestling, barring a perfect scenario, and has seemed content to help the business outside the ring, training talent with Spears.


While he conceded all those points, Spears still hopes his training partner will make a return someday.

"He's done very well for himself, he's a very smart guy," Spears said. "But I think it still creeps in every now and then, and I only know that because of how passionate he is when he teaches too. So if he didn't care, he'd be a little more relaxed. It's just a matter of timing, or the right opportunity to present itself. I hope that he's not done, because he still has a lot to offer. Just an incredible coach, good human being, and a benefit to this industry."

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