WWE Hints At A Darker Side Of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is evidently at war with himself.

On the 11/4 episode of "WWE SmackDown," Wyatt addressed the mysterious Uncle Howdy interrupting his promo segment the previous week, where Wyatt was preparing to "address his demons" in front of the WWE Universe.

"I'm not the type of person that shares their feelings," Wyatt admitted in a backstage segment. "The concept is brand new to me entirely, right? It makes it even harder when people play with me like that, when they interrupt me, as I'm trying to do something that is obviously incredibly hard for me."

At this point, a backstage crew member could be heard yelling "Hey buddy, we're live," which seemed to throw off Wyatt.

"I know you're just trying to do your job," an irate Wyatt told the WWE official. "You know that feeling when someone cuts you off in traffic? And then you'd fantasize about what you would do to them? If you had them just for 30 seconds alone, right? I can't stand the way I'm thinking about things, man. I hate myself right now, you understand that?

"All I want to do is take your head and smash it against that cement wall. And honestly, bro, I can't even handle myself. I am a hair away [from flipping out]. So I want you to do something – I need you to reach down into the bottom of your soul, look me in the eyes, and apologize to me. Tell me that you didn't mean to bust in here [and interrupt me]. Tell me you mean it, tell me you're sorry."

The petrified WWE crew member would immediately apologize to Wyatt, who appeared to cool down, before asking the person to "please go away."

We could get more answers pertaining to the direction of Wyatt's new character at the Crown Jewel premium live event, where the former Universal Champion will once again address his fireflies. Fans on social media believe the segment could finally lead to the debut of the rumored Wyatt 6 stable, or even reveal the identity of Uncle Howdy. Since returning to WWE last month, Wyatt, in his most human form, has reiterated that this is the "best version of him" the fans will ever see and that he "no longer needs to hide behind masks."