Chris Jericho Confirms Change To His 'Terrifier 2' Scene

The horror film "Terrifier 2" has become the surprise hit of this year's Halloween season, although it may not be for everyone. Wrestling fans have a particular reason to be interested in the movie, as All Elite Wrestling star and Ring of Honor World Champion Chris Jericho makes an appearance. It seems as though Jericho was initially slated to have a bigger role in the film, but another recent horror movie caused director Damien Leone to re-think the ending. Jericho explained the change in a recent interview with ScreenRant.


"The original scene that I did was the ending of the movie. And in this time frame, another movie came out with the same ending!" Jericho said. "Damien had to re-shoot it. So my part got kind of cut down. But that's fine. It's how it goes."

Jericho does not mention the original idea for the ending, or which other horror movie portrayed it first. The scene that did make the cut featuring Jericho supposedly nearly made him puke, although for different reasons than the notorious stories of audience members becoming overwhelmed by the film's gore.

In addition to "Terrifier 2" doing surprisingly well at the box office for such a low-budget movie, many critics are even enjoying the film, which is something of a rarity for the genre. The movie has done so well that there are already plans for another sequel. In fact, it's possible that Leone's idea is so grand that it will require two separate movies to bring the saga of Art the Clown to a satisfying conclusion.