Tony Khan Picks His Favorite Second-Generation Pro Wrestler

With The Rock's daughter Ava Raine making her voice heard on "WWE NXT" Tuesday evening, generational stars have been the talk of the wrestling world. AEW President Tony Khan has an AEW second-generation talent at the top of his mind.


Second-, third-, and fourth-generation wrestlers were the main topic of Wednesday's "Busted Open Radio," as hosts Tommy Dreamer and Mickie James picked out some names from famed wrestling families who have stood out over the course of the industry's history. Dreamer named Randy Savage, the son of Angelo Poffo, as one of his all-time choices before Khan called in for his usual weekly conversation.

"Well, it's hard to beat the Macho Man. I heard that right as I was getting patched in. That's a really good one," Khan said before naming one of his homegrown talents as his favorite. "I'm personally very partial to Hook."

Hook wasn't mentioned earlier on the show, but Dreamer and James agreed that the son of Dreamer's former ECW colleague Taz is an excellent choice. Dreamer said that while Hook doesn't talk much, the FTW Champion has a James Dean-aura about him.


"He's a cold-hearted, handsome killer is Hook," Khan added. Hook just successfully defended h FTW gold against Ari Daivari on a recent episode of "AEW Rampage," but the son of Taz isn't the only star with wrestling lineage in AEW. Austin and Colten Gunn, Brock Anderson, and Brian Pillman Jr. are four stars whose fathers are or were in the business. Pillman Jr. was earlier guest on "Busted Open" and commented on a conversation he had with Steve Austin before breaking into pro wrestling.

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