Former WWE Official Praises Logan Paul's Crown Jewel Performance

Logan Paul was unable to defeat Roman Reigns with one lucky punch at WWE's Crown Jewel this past weekend, but the YouTuber impressed with his performance, earning a lot of plaudits. That includes from former WWE official Jimmy Korderas, who claimed, "what happened this weekend blew me away" during his latest "Reffin Rant" on Twitter in reference to Paul's efforts.


"I know a lot of people didn't want to see Logan Paul in that main event slot against Roman Reigns because it took a spot away from someone who has been working very hard and diligently with the company ... I get that, but you've gotta understand that from a business standpoint, he does have 20 or so million followers," Korderas said. "That's what they were capitalizing on, his notoriety and maybe drawing some new fans in."  Paul pushed Reigns to his limit in a match that featured an appearance from his brother Jake Paul. Korderas believes "you've got to give him credit because he blew away all expectations," with this only being his third-ever professional wrestling match. 

"You can put the credit on whoever, on Shawn Michaels for the training, on Roman Reigns for guiding him through, all of which is legitimate," he said. "But hats off to Logan Paul, what a performance he really blew it out of the way, and I hope he gets better soon." Unfortunately, Paul confirmed that he suffered a torn meniscus, MCL, and potentially ACL in the middle of the match. It is unknown how long Paul will be on the shelf for, but he still seems to be in good spirits following his first World Championship match.


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Reffin Rant" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.