Jeff Jarrett Comments On Joining AEW Following WWE Tenure

Jeff Jarrett feels like a rookie again after making his AEW debut, and the WWE Hall of Famer is all about that vibe.

"In the different little footnotes of, we'll call it Double J's career ... I may be the last hire of [former WWE CEO Vince McMahon]," Jarrett said to Conrad Thompson on his latest "My World" podcast. Jarrett mentioned that with his exit from WWE as SVP of Live Events, there came a lot of thinking and soul-searching. Two months later, Jarrett shocked wrestling fans when he showed up at "AEW Dynamite" last week to crack Darby Allin over the head with a patented guitar shot. "'I feel like I'm a 19-year-old rookie pacing around the WMC TV Studios,'" Jarrett told his wife Karen on Wednesday night before making his AEW debut. "'I'm nervous. I'm nervous about tonight.'" Fans were even more shocked later that night, when AEW CEO Tony Khan revealed that Jarrett would be AEW's Director of Business Development.


"I'm super grateful. I'm excited, I'm ready to dig in, in all kinds of ways," Jarrett said. Jarrett has stayed plenty busy behind the camera and in the ring in 2022 including Ric Flair's Last Match, SummerSlam, GCW, AAA Lucha Libre and now AEW.

"I love it more today than I ever have. There's new horizons and new frontiers and the rapid AEW fanbase is so vocal online and opinionated and everything that goes with it. I love that because you get a response. There's no really gray area," Jarrett said. "I'm pumped. I'm super-pumped."