'In A Perfect World' Shawn Spears Will Still Win This WWE Title

AEW star and father-to-be Shawn Spears has one major goal left in wrestling as his career winds down.

"Brodie Lee, very good friend of mine," Spears said while speaking to Renee Paquette on "The Sessions," referring to the former AEW TNT Champion who tragically passed away in 2020. "He has a picture with his son, both sons actually, holding his TNT title. And they're both so happy. You can see it on his face how proud he is, and you can see it on theirs how proud they are of him. He's their hero. I want that same thing between me and my son."


Spears provided the example of his child coming to him with aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player, and being able to encourage him to pursue that dream because of what he was able to accomplish in pro wrestling. With that in mind, Spears' one goal is to win a championship in a major company, whether that is AEW or elsewhere, so that he can show that "prize" to his son in the future.

When asked what title he would like to win, Spears replied, "Being completely honest, I have always seen myself as an Intercontinental Champion. I grew up on the Mr. Perfects, and the Rick Rudes, and the Ultimate Warriors. As I got into wrestling, it was always known as the workhorse championship, so I'd always see myself in that zone. So in a perfect world, yeah, it'd be the Intercontinental Championship."


Spears is expecting his first son with Cassie Lee, formerly known as Peyton Royce in WWE. He recently returned to "AEW Dynamite" after taking some time off due to the passing of his mother.