William Regal Would Never Do This To A Fellow Pro Wrestler

The AEW locker room has seen much backstage drama unfold this year, with the company seeing more than one backstage altercation within the past couple of months. Some of the trouble has been rooted in what wrestlers have been saying on-screen. William Regal recalled his own experiences in AEW and what he would never do to a colleague. He also revealed if he understands why others partake in it.

"Part of the MJF thing and part of the Chris Jericho, you know, stuff, talking about stuff that I've done – it's been 20-odd years ago and it was a short period in my life when I was doing certain things," Regal said on his "Gentleman Villain" podcast. "You can put a blowtorch to my face, I am never going to spill any backstage gossip. I am never going to do it. It's just not my world ... I get other people having to do that because people want praise."

Backstage issues have been a focal point in AEW, as The Elite and CM Punk are still dealing with the consequences of their actions after All Out. Andrade El Idolo has not appeared on AEW programming in over a month after he was sent home following a backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara. This was not Guevara's first-time having an issue with a fellow wrestler backstage, as just a couple of months prior, he and Eddie Kingston had heat with each other over a promo Guevara cut. This led to their All Out match against each other being scrapped and Kingston being suspended by the company.

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