AEW Star Has Buried The Hatchet With Jonathan Gresham

It was over 9,000 controversies ago when AEW star Anthony Ogogo and former Ring of Honor World Champion Jonathan Gresham had a bit of a spat on social media, with the two going back and forth, leading to Gresham's wife, Impact Knockout's Champion Jordynne Grace, getting involved. But if you believe Ogogo, a man who enjoys his banter and isn't afraid to mix it up, no matter the backstage heat he gets, he wasn't trying to start anything serious with Gresham.


Speaking with Cultaholic's Desert Island Graps podcast, Ogogo, revealed exactly what he thinks about Gresham as a talent, and why he had the exchange with the former ROH star. "I respect that man, and what he's done," Ogogo said. "I respect his ability, I respect his talents. I think he's actually really good. I was poking him, because I wanted to wrestle him at a Progress show. I wanted to have some fun for him, and make a little cool match. ... It got blown out of proportion massively, but it wasn't because of a lack of respect. And when they started to say things about me and stuff that was untrue, I thought 'I can play this game.' But I was never malicious, I was having fun. It was funny."


The best news, according to Ogogo, is that the situation between him and Gresham seems to have been squashed recently during an interaction the two had. "We had a chat, me and Gresham, and we buried everything," Ogogo said. "I think we did anyway, which is cool. There's friction there that never goes away, and I'm sure we'll have a banger match, but we haven't had the chance yet."

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