Nick Aldis Thinks This Criticism Triggered Billy Corgan

After years of being the face of the National Wrestling Alliance, Nick Aldis is leaving the promotion due to creative differences with company owner Billy Corgan. The two-time former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion has been at odds with Corgan since he announced his intention to leave the promotion. Corgan subsequently suspended Aldis due to his criticism of the NWA's creative direction.

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts of NotSam Wrestling, Aldis elaborated on his multitude of issues with the NWA and Corgan. When asked about being suspended, Aldis said he suspects that his calling the NWA "embarrassing" was what sparked the outrage. "I'm sure that's the part that hurts," Aldis said. "I'm sure that's the part that's triggering him."

Aldis explained that the level of effort he put into his work as the top guy for the NWA was somewhat negated by the reality of the company's place in pro wrestling's current landscape. "It's not easy to wear a suit and present yourself a certain way ... when you know you're about to go work in a rec center in front of 100 people," Aldis said. He said he believed his commitment to his character was what was necessary to get fans to become invested in the company.

Aldis said he views the current product as a betrayal of what he worked so hard to help create. "I'm the one meeting these people," Aldis said regarding NWA fans, "Grown men come up to me and shake my hand with tears in their eyes ... that means something to me. So when I saw it get betrayed, yeah, I felt betrayed, too."

Aldis summed up the situation with Corgan by saying that "[Corgan] believes in the product he's putting out now, and I don't."

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