Freddie Prinze Jr. Compares Jade Cargill To WWE HOFer In Their Prime

Freddie Prinze Jr. shared on a recent episode of "Wrestling With Freddie" that he was not happy with how Jade Cargill vs. Marina Shafir was executed on the November 2 episode of "AEW Dynamite."

"She's jacked, she's sculpted," Prinze Jr. said while initially praising Cargill's look. "Michelangelo created this woman. Everything about her looks perfect. The hair, the makeup, the wardrobe. And again, I can't say enough good things. It's like watching Scott Steiner in his absolute prime."


Prinze Jr. believed that the "Dynamite" match would have been a good opportunity to get Cargill over, however, he was disappointed in Shafir "no-selling" Cargill's finisher, Jaded. He likened the move to Beth Phoenix's Glam Slam and mentioned how when Phoenix lifted up her opponents for the Glam Slam, they always screamed or shook their heads to demonstrate struggle. When Shafir was lifted up, she stared blankly into the camera. 

"She just looked like she was bored and didn't want to be there," Prinze Jr. said. "If I'm Jade, I'm either reading this girl the Riot Act, or I'm talking to Tony [Khan], and having him do it. I'm not trying to rag on this girl, Marina, but either you want to be there or you don't." He believes Shafir's "sole function" in that bout was to put the champion over and that she failed to do so.


Cargill has yet to suffer a loss in AEW. She became the first AEW TBS Champion in January and has successfully defended the title against several AEW stars including Athena, Tay Melo, and Madison Rayne.