Road Dogg Gives Big E Update And Reveals Big Pitch He Made For Him

The WWE Universe was sent into a state of shock during an April episode of "Smackdown" when it was confirmed that superstar Big E had suffered a broken neck. And while the former WWE Champion hasn't closed the door on ever wrestling again, he's been taking this time to involve himself in other things. That said, all is not entirely quiet on his front. During the most recent episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know," the Road Dogg Jesse James — WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events — had an update on the fan favorite.

"Big E's doing well, talking about how blessed he is," James said. "I hadn't seen him in a while, hadn't heard from him. Just thinking about friends and family today and saw his number and thought I'm going to text Big E right now. He said he was blessed and doing great."

On September 13, 2021, the voice behind New Day cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on then-champion Bobby Lashley. However, his reign would only last for 110 days before Brock Lesnar won the championship at WWE's Day One premium live event. As it happens, though, Road Dogg has been championing Big E for a while.

"When I wrote SmackDown, I wanted him to be champion," James continued. "I've said this before, I actually pitched Big E Mania and Kofi got the nod. And it worked, maybe better than it would've with Big E. Only time will tell if and when he comes back and they put the title on him. He can cut great promos, he's a great guy, he's always in great spirits. Just an honor to call him my friend."