Jon Moxley On What Makes Members Of The Shield Who They Are Today

Jon Moxley was a key member of The Shield faction along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins during his time with WWE. The stable formed back in 2012 and all three members quickly became fan favorites. The trio ended up building a real-life bond, and are considered to be top singles stars in the wrestling industry today.


Moxley, now with All Elite Wrestling, is set to put his AEW World Championship on the line against MJF in the main event of Full Gear on November 19. Ahead of the event, Moxley spoke to Sports Illustrated, and he discussed what made The Shield special.

"Looking back, it was like we were kids," Moxley said. "The first few months of The Shield were f—ing intense. It was a different time back then. We weren't necessarily welcomed with open arms by everybody, but we didn't give a f—. We were going to push the pace and have good f—ing matches. Before long, everybody wanted to start working with us."

Moxley also revealed two current AEW stars who took a liking to The Shield early on. 

"We created that 'Shield work ethic,'" Moxley said. "The people we were around have that, too. Claudio [Castagnoli] is an old riding partner of The Shield. Hell, Bryan [Danielson] was our opponent in our first match. I still have that. We all do. It makes us who we are."


Moxley left WWE in 2019, debuting for AEW later that year, and also making appearances in NJPW, and the independent promotion GCW. Moxley has gone on to hold championships in all three promotions.