Bobby Fish Gives His Thoughts On CM Punk And The Elite

Bobby Fish has chimed in with his thoughts on CM Punk and The Elite. Fish has already made it clear that he won't be exchanging Christmas cards with Punk this year. Fish revealed that the issues between himself and Punk stemmed from the conclusion of a match they had back in October 2021 on "AEW Dynamite." Fish got his shoulder up just after being pinned off the GTS. Fish said he did so because he thought Punk gave him the green light to think outside the box.


This led to issues between the two. Fish has said that he'd like to have a combat sports fight with Punk down the line, but perhaps he's changed his tune. Here's what he said about Punk during a recent interview with Steve Fall for

"Punk is not a blip on my radar," Fish said. "The man, he doesn't exist for me."

Fish also discussed sticking up for Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in the midst of AEW's investigation into the post-All Out fracas.

"I mean, those are guys that I worked years with in Japan," Fish said. "We've always been good friends. I've heard from all of the parties mentioned between all of this. Some as recently as a couple days ago, and those are guys I do – I stay in contact with. I wish them well, I want nothing but success for those guys, and I would think it's the same sentiment coming back to me. They are my friends and that's what friends do."


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