Bobby Fish Issues Challenge To CM Punk

CM Punk created an explosive situation within AEW late Sunday night, after winning his second World Championship, calling out Colt Cabana, "Hangman" Adam Page, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega during the All Out Post-Show Media Scrum, while issuing a challenge to the entire locker room as well. Punk stated afterward that he'd "walk up and down" the hallway of the AEW locker room and state if "you have a f*****g problem with me, take it up with me."

However, the situation escalated even more after the media scrum was over, with several reports suggesting "The Elite" charged into Punk's locker room and got into a scuffle with him and his long-time friend Ace Steel. Many have since come to the defense of the first-ever AEW Trios Champions, with a former All Elite talent throwing his name into that hat, challenging Punk to a fight if he chooses. "Let's just make this a formal invitation to Phil [aka CM Punk]," Bobby Fish said during the latest episode of "The Undisputed Podcast." "Yeah, I mean I'm down if that's the direction he wants to go. I mean he could pick the time, the place, we could do it in Chicago."

"That would be kind of fun, right? It can be boxing, kickboxing, MMA, s**t we can do this bare-knuckle, whatever sounds good to Phil. He can pick the weight, he can pick the place like I said, whatever he wants to do. But yeah let's make it official, come on Phil." Given Fish's history with "The Elite" and his background in kickboxing as well as Punk's in MMA, one would wonder what would happen if the two ever got the chance to fight for real. For now, Fish is currently unemployed following his departure from AEW, teasing that a future fight would intrigue him given that he wasn't allowed to do kickboxing while under the AEW umbrella.