Madusa Disputes Nick Aldis' Claims About NWA's Culture

Nick Aldis' name has been more abundant than ever lately in the world of pro wrestling due to the contentious way he is departing the NWA. He posted a video to Instagram publicly announcing his resignation from the company, and criticized the direction owner Billy Corgan was taking the NWA, notably the women's division. Aldis was suspended indefinitely as he waits out his contract, due to expire on December 31, but meanwhile, figures like WWE Hall of Famer Madusa are chiming in on what went down.


"The one thing that Nick forgot, I feel, is that it wasn't his company," Madusa said on the first edition of her "Trash Talk with Madusa" series. "If there was some animosity between [Corgan and Aldis], it should be kept personal. I feel airing your dirty laundry out in public when you have a real, deep, personal thing — or belittling something, I've learned in the past myself, is not the place to do; it's not. Especially nowadays, this time, today, is that if I were somebody in another federation, I definitely would be taking note in how he handled this publicly. 'Would he do this to me? Would he do this to my company?' I'm not saying he was right or wrong about his feelings and his right; he has every right and his feelings are correct however it is, but, the narrative to push that and just absolutely call it toxic and stuff — this is where I'll stop — I'm there and I don't see it toxic. I don't; it's not toxic. I wouldn't be there."


Madusa recently co-hosted the 56th annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in September. As she referenced, Madusa knows full well about burning bridges, thanks to her infamous dropping of the WWE Women's Championship in the trash on "WCW Nitro." As for Aldis, he is free to sign with any promotion, including WWE or AEW, once his contract expires on December 31.