John Morrison Gives Candid Thoughts On CM Punk's AEW All Out Scrum

These days, it seems as though it's not a real wrestling interview unless the topic of CM Punk is brought up. During a conversation on "Adi Shankar's BOOTLEG UNIVERSE," former WWE star and frequent Punk opponent John Morrison was asked about the controversial performer and shared his thoughts on Punk's recent injury as well as the heated press conference that followed AEW's All Out pay-per-view in September.

"He's always had a temper when things don't go his way," Morrison said of Punk. "In his defense, what he wants is to make it, you know? ... I don't know exactly the extent of his injuries, but I think he tore ... his upper tricep or something on the dive, ... which is very frustrating." Morrison went on to share his thoughts that getting such a severe injury at their age can be even more frustrating, as you start to realize you're getting diminishing returns from all the effort you put in. "So he's frustrated because he's got this big opportunity to carry the company, and he's got this huge paycheck, and he tears his tricep and his foot."

Morrison on the Post-Show Scrum

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion then shared his thoughts on Punk's infamous post-show scrum. "He's one of the people that changed the course of the industry, and it's never cool to see anybody like that get hurt. What I think is funny is how he dealt with it because in some ways he just lashed out at the entire AEW roster. Whether they deserved it or not, I don't know. From his point of view, they did." Morrison stated that he can't say he would've handled the situation the same way, but noted that is what CM Punk is "known for."

Morrison had positive things to say about his time in the ring with Punk over the years. "I've wrestled the guy, not recently, but probably close to 100 times," Morrison stated. "At the beginning, we were butting heads quite a bit. It took like 20 matches, and then after that ... I thought our chemistry was on point and he became one of my favorite opponents." Morrison and Punk had a lengthy feud in 2007 during the "WWE ECW" days. Both men fought each other for the "WWE ECW" World Heavyweight Championship, each coming away victorious at different points.