WWE Announces Seth Rollins US Title Defense For Survivor Series

Seth Rollins will defend his United States Championship against Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory in a triple-threat match this Saturday at Survivor Series.

The title match was announced on the 11/21 "WWE Raw" where Rollins explained why he had "a bone to pick" with both Lashley and Theory, addressing the volatile situation between the three Superstars over the past few weeks. In a backstage sitdown interview, Rollins referred to Theory as "the stupidest man on the face of the planet" for ambushing him during the final moments of the 11/14 "WWE Raw."


"Two weeks ago, I got mauled by Bobby Lashley. Last week, I got jumped from behind by Austin Theory," Rollins said. "I would say I've never felt better (laughs). I asked for this match, right? In a triple threat, it's a two-birds-with-one-stone sort of situation. You don't prepare for a wild Lashley, you don't tame him, you just survive. 

"As for Theory, he's lost everything, so he's the most dangerous he's ever been. That said, he's still the stupidest person on the face of planet earth for what he tried to do me last week. Do you realize what happens to guys who ambush me? That never ends well. Hey Austin, pick up your cell phone and call Cody Rhodes, and ask him if it's a good idea to pick a fight with Seth Rollins (laughs)." 


In conclusion, Rollins acknowledged that although the three-way match Saturday is not under WarGames stipulation, the match itself is "going to be a war" due to the disdain the three men share for one another.

The Rollins interview was immediately followed by a promo from Theory, who reiterated that he's "no longer a kid" and that "hitting rock bottom is the best thing that ever happened" to his career. 

Besides the United States Championship bout, the confirmed lineup for Survivor Series includes the Men's and Women's WarGames Matches, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, and Ronda Rousey defending her "SmackDown" Women's Championship against Shotzi. There's no word yet on a possible match for Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, who is scheduled to defend his title against the winner of the ongoing "SmackDown" World Cup at a future date.