Teddy Hart Docuseries 'Dangerous Breed' Now Available On Peacock

The Peacock streaming service has premiered the first of its three-episode series on professional wrestler Teddy Hart titled "Dangerous Breed: Crimes. Cons. Cats."

Peacock is offering the series with the promotional text: "A filmmaker spends years documenting controversial wrestler and cat breeder Teddy Hart, but the project is thrown into chaos when Teddy is accused of wrongdoing; as Teddy defends himself, his protégé and ex-girlfriend Samantha Fiddler disappears."

Fiddler was a 29-year-old aspiring wrestler and mother of three children who has been missing since November 19, 2016. Hart has not been charged with Fiddler's disappearance, which has become a cold case.

Hart, whose real name is Edward Annis, is a member of the Hart family wrestling dynasty founded by his grandfather Stu Hart – his uncles include Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, and Jim Neidhart. Hart was signed to WWE when he was 18 years old – the youngest wrestler to have a contract with the promotion – but was dropped several years later and did not appear on WWE's main roster. He later appeared in several independent promotions, but later focused on running a cat breeding business.

Hart has experienced multiple run-ins with the law, both in the U.S. and his native Canada, including a 2014 arrest on multiple sexual assault charges involving two women – the charges were dropped in 2016 – and a 2020 arrest for allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend, wrestler Maria Manic. He has been the subject of the 2009 documentary "A Hart Still Pounding."

Hart has not wrestled since MLW dropped him in 2019, and he reportedly made inquiries about rejoining that promotion. However, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that MLW has no interest in returning Hart to its roster.