Drew McIntyre Gives Jinder Mahal Update

Jinder Mahal has not been one of the most featured WWE stars since Triple H took over the company's creative following Vince McMahon's retirement. Mahal has only seen himself wrestle one match since July 23: a two-minute match against Braun Strowman in the first round of the "SmackDown" World Cup. Strowman dominated in his victory, meaning that Mahal's last televised win remained against Humberto back in June. Recently, Mahal's friend and former stablemate, Drew McIntyre, offered an update on Mahal and what he is working toward these days.


"Jinder and I are always in touch," McIntyre said while on "CricketNext." "He's one of my best friends in the world. He's in a very good place right now, very namaste. He's working hard on making a big comeback, making a big splash, and showing the world just how talented he truly is and why he is a former world champion."

Prior to 2017, Mahal had not been treated like a big deal within the company; then came May 2017 and Mahal defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in a moment that shocked many WWE fans around the world. Mahal's reign with the title was not a short one either, as he defended the WWE Championship successfully on multiple occasions, even retaining it at SummerSlam later that year against Shinsuke Nakamura. After losing the title to Styles that November, Mahal eventually won his second title in WWE at WrestleMania 34 — the United States Championship. Mahal only held the U.S. Title for eight days before losing it to Jeff Hardy on an episode of "Raw." 


Since his short-lived United States Championship reign, the only championship gold Mahal has been able to get his hands on is the now-defunct 24/7 Championship. Mahal won the title twice and was once pinned for the title on an airplane.