WWE Hall Of Famer Would Hit Matt Riddle's Bong

WWE has kept up with the changing of the times in a myriad of ways, like the noticeable difference in the company's approach to marijuana. Not only did WWE change its wellness policy to omit marijuana use as an offense, as referenced by Booker T earlier this year, but the company has also become a lot more comfortable with cannabis humor being on television. Matt Riddle is a crucial factor in that change and has taken on most of the 420 humor during his time on "Raw," whether solo or in RK-Bro with the sidelined Randy Orton. Another WWE Hall of Famer – Teddy Long – recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman about his views on the differences between this current era and his time with the company.

"Just to show you that the times have changed, man, because I knew a time that you couldn't get on TV and make no weed jokes. You couldn't be talking about that at all because, especially in professional wrestling, God d**n, man, they'd be, 'This is wrestling. What the hell are you doing?' But I'm glad to see that people have changed with the times. [Riddle] is extremely funny. I love the weed jokes."

Recent episodes of "Raw" have featured Riddle asking stars like WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Usos if they "want to hit the bong," so Hausman proposed the same question to Long. "I would hit it. All he got to do is bring it to me." In recent weeks, Riddle hasn't been as prominently featured in a singles role as earlier this year, but he remains a regular on "Raw." He and Elias defeated The Alpha Academy's Chad Gable and Otis on this past week's episode of the red brand.