Eric Bischoff Believes MJF Will Make Same Decision As John Cena

Wrestling has produced a few Hollywood stars — with the most notable names being The Rock, Batista, and John Cena, who are all part of multiple movies and play different superheroes throughout DC and Marvel. AEW World Champion MJF has expressed interest in acting eventually as multiple wrestlers have in the past such as Sasha Banks. WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff discussed his thoughts on MJF potentially breaking into the Hollywood world.


"You've got MJF, who I think probably has the ability to at some point in his life to play at whatever level of the entertainment business he chooses to," Bischoff said while on "Strictly Business w/ Eric Bischoff." "If you're Tony Khan and all of a sudden MJF gets a part and an opportunity to be in a big movie and once he does, you know he's not coming back, then yeah, it's bad."

Rumors have swirled that MJF will be in a movie about the Von Erich family. Bischoff continued discussing the possibility of losing MJF and when he believes Cena walked into the world of Hollywood. "Your guy that you used to have under contract for X amount of dollars a year is now making four times that much, or ten times that much, for doing a movie," Bischoff said. "John Cena was at the end of his in-ring career ... He was good for the industry in general." 


Although he has never spoken to Cena about this choice, Bischoff stated what he believes Cena would say: "'I didn't really break into movies in a serious way that compromised my WWE schedule until I was ready to retire.'"

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