MJF Teases Leaving Pro Wrestling Altogether

It's possible the "Bidding War of 2024" will be a no-contest.

MJF has arguably risen to be the hottest commodity in professional wrestling right now. Most recently, he captured All Elite Wrestling's ultimate prize: the AEW World Championship. At Full Gear, MJF defeated Jon Moxley with the leverage of some brass knuckles given to him by William Regal. Nevertheless, he now carries the company's biggest title. In addition, MJF proves that he's "better than you" with his upcoming acting debut. The new AEW World Champion will join the likes of Zac Efron in "The Iron Claw," as he is set to play Kevin Vaughan in the film about the famous Von Erich family


Through his impressive accolades in wrestling and soon, Hollywood, MJF has placed himself in a great position as he eyes his official free-agency status on January 1, 2024. There, he expects huge offers from companies like AEW and WWE, but recently teased the possibility of leaving wrestling altogether. "When my contract goes up, the way I see it is there are several bids, right?" he said during an appearance on "Pardon My Take."

"Then there's the 'Do I really need to do this anymore?' Maybe I'm done," MJF said, "especially if I win this world title at Full Gear on November 19th, and I beat that loser, Jon Moxley, and I win that world title and I'm still the World Champion come January 1st, 2024."


MJF did indeed win the world title on November 19, with a forfeit now possibly in play ahead of his impending "bidding war."