Matt Hardy Issues Violent Warning To WWE Hall Of Famer

WrestleCade shocked fans recently by announcing that Matt Hardy will wrestle fellow AEW star Jeff Jarrett. Hardy recently explained that the two men don't get along, and he admitted on the latest "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy" that "it was shocking to hear" when he was asked if he'd be open to the match.


"I was like, 'of course,' I didn't expect that ... We never had a return singles match after he recklessly sliced me open with that guitar," Hardy said. "So he got a reprieve, but this Saturday the reprieve ends."

The issues between the two men date back to 2015 when they faced each other in a match that ended with Hardy being a bloody mess. A guitar shot from Jarrett resulted in Hardy getting 30 stitches, which led to his wife, Reby Hardy, being incredibly mad. Hardy has previously stated that he would have gotten revenge for that, and he now confesses he has "absolutely no idea what's going to happen" when they share the ring again. 

"Someone is going to get hurt, for sure. Once again, we were on a minimal interaction level. If we have to talk about something, I guess we will. But we don't send each other Christmas cards, we don't invite each other's families over to Thanksgiving dinner or whatever," he said. "This match is either going to turn out really bad, and controversial ... especially if our wives are around ... or, maybe there's some way we come out of this with some newfound respect." 


There have been certain matches in the past that have turned into shoot fights, and Hardy confessed that the possibility of that happening here "weighs heavy" on his mind, in what is likely going to be a must-see collision.