Sami Zayn Has Some Advice For Wrestlers Trying To Make It

For many fans, one of the most riveting stories in professional wrestling right now is "the emergence of a star named Sami Zayn," as previously explained by former Executive Director of "WWE Raw" Paul Heyman.


The former WWE Intercontinental Champion recently joined forces with the dominant Bloodline faction, later earning the honor of "Honorary Uso." Most recently, Zayn's performance at Survivor Series WarGames opened the door for his team to capture the victory inside the brutal structure, and seemingly eased the long-term tension between himself and Jey Uso. Amidst The Bloodline's win, the WWE Universe erupted in cheers after a culmination of great storytelling and hard work, evidencing a true testament to Zayn's star power.

In a recent appearance on WWE's "After The Bell," Zayn was asked to give advice to other wrestlers looking to make a similar mark. "It's a tough one to answer because I think it's very circumstantial," he explained. "There is no blueprint. There's one thing I've learned, is really everybody has a different path or different — there's things that work for one person and just not work for [another]."


Though there might be a perfect recipe for success, the Bloodline member stressed the importance of "always seiz[ing] the opportunity" and making oneself "stand out." In addition, Zayn believes the "blanket goal across the board for everybody" should be to take any opportunity, no matter how big or small, and "make the most of it, stand out, and have something different about you."

Wrestlers shouldn't be "interchangeable," according to Zayn. "Carve out a niche for yourself that only you can fill that gap [in]."