'AEW Rampage' Catching Up To 'WWE Raw' In This Demographic

AEW has long been seen as having a younger audience than the WWE and its other competitors, but that is seemingly starting to change. 

A recent tweet from Wrestlenomics said that the median age of people who watch both "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Rampage" on television has seen an uptick since this past spring. While it only accounts for people watching the show on television and no other means, the median age for "Dynamite" has risen from roughly 48 years of age to approximately 51. This, though, pales in comparison to its Friday night counterpart.


When the one-hour weekly show first debuted in August 2021, "Rampage" was the wrestling show with the youngest median viewership, hovering around a median age of roughly 46 years. However, the show has seen a major jump in age in recent months. As of Autumn 2022, "Rampage" has a median age of around 53 years, a small gap away from "WWE RAW," which sits around 54 years of age, according to the graph.

This is not the first concerning statistic regarding AEW's Friday night show, with cable ratings for "Rampage" underperforming in recent months. But that can be attributed sometimes to major competition with the likes of MLB or NBA.

The median age of AEW's television audience does remain the lowest in comparison to other weekly wrestling shows, but the gap is certainly closing for the Tony Khan-led company. The wrestling show with the oldest median viewership since the beginning of this year has been NJPW on AXS TV, which recently hit a staggering 0.0 rating among people aged 18-49.