WWE Hall Of Famer Found Tony Khan's AEW All Out Scrum Actions 'Mindboggling'

The aftermath of the infamous post-AEW All Out media scrum is still being felt to this day, with CM Punk's future with the company in doubt, while The Elite recently returned and trolled the former AEW World Champion in a match against Death Triangle. However, the comments that Punk made that day saw him take shots at a variety of people from Colt Cabana to "Hangman" Adam Page, and during an interview with "10 Count," Eric Bischoff weighed in on how he'd have handled it.  

Bischoff pointed out that, "Tony's [Khan], not a physical guy," and he also doesn't think that a physical approach would have been the right call in that situation. However, he does believe that Khan could have acted differently to shut it down before the situation escalated. "In terms of taking control of the situation ... Tony had a mic, he had his own mic, he could have grabbed that mic stood up and said, 'This conference is over, thank you all very much,' and shut down the audio, boom, it's over. Then sort it out."

Bischoff has been vocal regarding his feelings towards Khan throughout the year, with the two men having gone back and forth repeatedly online. He has also been open about what he thinks of Punk, having previously claimed he has been a financial flop, and Bischoff doesn't think Khan should have sat in silence and listened to what Punk had to say. "But to sit there and be thrashed and slayed like a fish by a guy that you're writing a check to for five times more money than he's really worth is mind-boggling to me," he said.

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