Sami Zayn's The Bloodline Gear Didn't Progress As Quickly As Expected

While some fans might know Sarath Ton, formerly known as Mikaze, as the husband of Sasha Banks, Ton also serves as one of WWE's ring gear designers. Ton was responsible for just about all of Banks' gear during her days with the company, and on a recent episode of the "Notsam Wrestling" podcast, he revealed that he is responsible for much of Sami Zayn's gear, among other WWE stars such as Finn Balor. Ton shared that the initial plan for Zayn's gear was quite different from how it has actually progressed, but he believes it all worked out for the better.

"So I've been working on Sami's stuff for a little while, and when he transitioned into the storyline with The Bloodline, we had talked about putting 'Honorary' on his tights, putting it on the shirt," Ton said. "For whatever reason, things didn't progress as quickly as we wanted them to, as far as the gear. And then all of a sudden that moment comes where Roman [Reigns] bestows the shirt on him. I was telling him, 'Yeah, if we had put 'Honorary' on your pants when you had wanted to, then you wouldn't have got that emotional beat that we got then. Because now, Roman's bestowing you with that 'Honorary' name.'" Ton also shared that he modeled some of Zayn's recent gear on Reigns', to further emphasize the connection between the two.

Following Saturday's Survivor Series War Games event, Zayn has continued his ascent into The Bloodline, with Jey Uso finally accepting Zayn into "the family." The way that Zayn's gear has evolved over the course of his time with The Bloodline has complemented Zayn's performances, with Ton's work contributing to arguably one of the best storylines going in wrestling today.

If you use any quotes in this article, please credit "Notsam Wrestling," with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.