Booker T Questions The Elite Trolling CM Punk On AEW TV

The Elite returned from their hiatus to AEW at Full Gear and mocked CM Punk during their trios match against Death Triangle the following Wednesday. Booker T had some very forthright thoughts on The Elite's actions during that bout.


"I'm perplexed on that situation right there just because I don't think [there] was anything tasteful about it," Booker said to Brad Gilmore on his "Hall Of Fame" podcast. "I don't think rehashing what happened a couple of months ago as opposed to letting it go away is making anything better as far as that company goes and if Tony Khan knew about it and signed off on it and they know CM Punk isn't coming back, they probably going to be thinking about moving their headquarters," he said, commenting on how often AEW goes to Chicago.

"They're gonna be heels, they're going to get booed anyway so leaning into it, it's just rehashing what happened at the scrum. It does nothing for that company," he added. Booker noted that The Elite didn't behave like professionals, and instead opted to play games.


"I just think it's childish stuff," Booker said. "I've had beef with guys in the business before. We handle it, we squash it, we move on and normally, that's the way it used to be, but now it's different. And now it's different because now nobody is getting their asses whooped. No real consequences, no real repercussions, no real men running around. That's got a lot to do with it. There's no locker room etiquette, you know what I mean?"

According to Booker T, he thinks this kind of behavior from senior members of the roster could be bad for AEW's prospects.