If AEW Closes Down In A Few Years, Booker T Thinks This Could Be Why

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T does not shy away from sharing his unfiltered opinions on his "Hall of Fame" podcast. During a recent episode, he talked at length about the circumstances surrounding the AEW All Out backstage altercation. After seeing how The Elite mocked the fallout of the incident during last week's "AEW Dynamite," Booker T wonders if "playing games" will lead to AEW shutting down.


"When you're performing on my show, it's a script," Booker T said. "And when you go out there and just do — perform, you know, that's where things get hectic. That company could be closed down in a couple of years, and these guys are going to be wondering what the hell happened. And it's because they're going out there and playing games, not understanding what this stuff is really about," Booker added emphatically.

After weeks of vignettes teasing their return, The Elite made their in-ring return at AEW Full Gear to a positive reaction. However, when they returned to Chicago for "Dynamite," the crowd reaction was mixed as Omega and the Bucks trolled the crowd and CM Punk. 

Booker T reiterated that pro wrestling is not a game, and guys who think that it is typically do not make it to the top or win world championships. He explained that he doesn't understand where the Young Bucks are coming from, but the fans are invested in what they do. And, as long as that's the case, and people are making money, it's easy for some to look past this foolishness. "They're working their butts off," he said. "They're bumping like crazy. Those guys are taking some of the craziest bumps you've ever seen, but they do it. If everybody can figure that out, I'm sure The Young Bucks' bank account looks pretty well. So if you can figure that out, you're okay." Booker concluded by saying not everyone will be able to be the Young Bucks, but as far as the antics of trolling goes, he's not okay with that.