Looking Back At All The Roles Omos Has Played In WWE

WWE star Omos, whose real name is Tolulope Jordan Omogbehin, has only been wrestling since 2019 but has already experienced several character shifts during his time with WWE. One could imagine this would be difficult with a 7-foot-3-inch, 403-pound giant, as his features and stature in the ring would be tough to forget once seared in the minds of fans. 

But instead of assigning him a character that was initially focused on in-ring success, WWE took their time in introducing Omos. Following his signing in 2018, Omos began training at the Performance Center until he was ready for his first match on July 18, 2019. At an "NXT" house show, Omos defeated Team 2.0 — the team of Matt Menard and Angelo Parker, who later joined AEW — in a 2-on-1-handicap match, which indicated that WWE was going to lean into the obvious gimmick of a destructive giant for Omos. 

He would continue wrestling on "NXT" house shows for about a year before he was moved to the main roster. But the move might not have been the big break Omos and his fans were hoping for. His initial stint on the main roster was the role of "The Giant Ninja," first appearing at Backlash and aligning himself with Akira Tozawa's ninja faction that had been showing up on "WWE Raw." This would last for a brief period as he was re-assigned to another short-lived concept.

Many faces of Omos

In August 2020, Shane McMahon began a fight club-style segment on "WWE Raw" called "Raw Underground." Omos began to stand out as a tough, intimidating giant during these times while playing the role of a bouncer. Unfortunately, the idea for the unique shoot-style wrestling matches would get scrapped after a September 2020 episode of "Raw."

Omos was reintroduced as AJ Styles' bodyguard in October. Over the course of the next six months, he accompanied Styles to the ring and interfered on behalf of "The Phenomenal One" on several occasions, including the WWE world title match at TLC 2020, and the Royal Rumble match in 2021. The latter event planted the seeds for Omos' main roster wrestling debut after he eliminated Big E from the men's Royal Rumble match, despite not being a part of the bout. Omos and Styles vs. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for the "Raw" Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 37 was a career-defining moment for Omos, as he finally won his first WWE title.

The duo held the belts until SummerSlam where they lost the titles to RK-Bro, and the loss laid the foundations for a breakup between Omos and Styles. Omos would ride solo for a brief period of time until he began feuding with former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley would get the best of him several times during the feud but Lashley's manager MVP joining Omos helped the giant gain a new alliance and set him on a new course.