Charles Robinson Apologizes For WWE SmackDown Performance

The role of WWE officials is a crucial one. They are in the ring to ensure that everything goes to plan, from providing communication to the participants to responding quickly if an injury occurs. Officials are often criticized by fans, and one common complaint is that they're too reactive and over the top with how they sell the action. 

Despite being one of the most experienced and respected officials in the industry, Charles Robinson took to Twitter to apologize for over-selling during "WWE SmackDown" last week. He shared a photo of himself reacting in an exaggerated manner to Sheamus delivering a blow to Jey Uso during the main event.

Robinson wrote: "I apologize for the silly reactions on @wwe #smackdown. I am ridiculous. I try and try to stop reacting but can't. I know when "people " talk about refs over selling it's about me."

The ideal situation for a referee is for fans to not notice them unless it's for a specific reason, such as taking a bump or removing someone from the outside. However, a referee reacting to the action is important, as it conveys to the audience that the moves are impactful.

Considering that Robinson has been refereeing since 1995 at the highest level, whether it be in WCW or WWE, there's no doubt he is someone the WWE Universe respects.That was made clear by the replies to Robinson's self-deprecating tweet, as the overwhelming sentiment was that his reactions are appreciated.