Dax Harwood On How CM Punk Is Like Sasha Banks

No matter where it ends up being, Dax Harwood loves wrestling. He also loves a couple of folks he's connected with through wrestling such as CM Punk and Sasha Banks. While both Punk and Banks have faced their fair share of controversy, he believes that as well as their passion for professional wrestling is part of what makes them so important.


"[Sasha Banks] is just as passionate about wrestling as I am to the point where it does get her in trouble," Harwood said to Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp. "If you're not controversial, you're not worth remembering. I love her so much, she's a great human being and an incredible professional wrestler, maybe the best woman wrestler of all time." For Harwood, that's where Banks and Punk most overlap. Not just because of their ability, but also the passion they bring to the industry itself. At the end of the day, he just wants them to be happy.

"Punk, the same thing as Sasha," he continued. "A man who obviously has his detractors, and sometimes his detractors are louder," Harwood noted that when Punk initially signed with the company, his door was always open; that he'd stick around after the show and even watch matches of younger wrestlers when they asked. "It all comes from a place of passion," he declared. "He loves wrestling. Just like Sasha, I talk to him every day, and whatever he decides to do I hope it brings him joy because he deserves it."


Harwood is currently the ROH World Tag Team Champion, IWGP Tag Team Champion, and AAA World Tag Team Champion as part of FTR alongside Cash Wheeler.