Matt Hardy Comments On Potential Hardy Boyz Reunion In AEW

The Hardy Boyz briefly reunited for the first time in three years when Jeff Hardy joined AEW in March. After beating The Young Bucks at AEW Double or Nothing, it seemed like the brothers were ready to pursue gold again. Unfortunately, their reunion was cut short when Jeff was suspended from AEW after being arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Florida. Following the arrest, AEW owner Tony Khan issued a statement saying Jeff can only return to AEW upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety.


During a recent interview with "Inside The Ropes," Matt Hardy addressed whether he would like to end his career teaming with his brother again in AEW. "Yes, I would like to go out as The Hardy Boyz," Hardy replied. "That was kind of how we came in, and I think we would like to go out on that note, and we would like to do everything that we can in AEW together obviously." Hardy said it has been frustrating to have start and stop moments such as when he debuted during the pandemic and then to have this run with Jeff be cut short. He pitched the idea to reconcile with Private Party, adding that a lot of the content they have filmed has not aired on TV but it's "really fun and really good."

"I definitely want to have a great run here in AEW with Jeff," Hardy reiterated. "And that is my goal. Whenever that happens, it happens. But until then, I'm happy that I'm keeping my time busy and actually involved in a story on programming — the stuff that I'm doing with Private Party." Hardy noted that he feels Private Party has grown a lot and that giving back to younger talent has been one of his goals.


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