Major Update On Eric Young's Future In Pro Wrestling

Eric Young is set to return to WWE, according to PWInsider.

Fans who watched the closing moments of the 12/1 episode of IMPACT must have noticed that Young was literally stabbed to death by fellow Violent by Design member Deaner. The segment began with Young taking Deaner to an abandoned prison in Tennessee, asking him if he was willing to do whatever it took to "eliminate the sickness." In response, Deaner responded with an emphatic "yes" before the two men began fighting for a knife placed on the table. After a brawl ensued inside the prison cell, Deaner drove a knife into Young's chest, with Young bleeding to his "death" as IMPACT went off the air. Following Young's kayfabe death, Deaner was revealed as the new leader of Violent by Design, which will continue with Angels (FKA Alan Angels in AEW) and Big Kon (FKA Konnor in WWE) as members of the faction. 

The angle was seemingly done to write Young off IMPACT television, clearing the way for his WWE return. 

Young previously spent four years in WWE – between 2016 and 2020 – for the most part as the leader of the SAnitY stable on the "WWE NXT" and "WWE SmackDown" brands. He would briefly receive a run as a singles superstar on the "WWE Raw" brand in 2019, but the short-lived stint ended with Young being relegated to the WWE 24/7 Championship chase and wrestling as an enhancement talent on "WWE Main Event." He would eventually be released in April 2020 as part of WWE's COVID-related budget cuts

With Nikki Cross recently reverting back to her unhinged persona, fans on social media believe a SAnitY reunion could be on the cards upon Young's return to WWE. The PWInsider report added that "there is no word yet when Young will start with WWE."